academic departments


Derrick Baker, Dean
Tawanna Nickens, Associate Dean

Adult Education
Tawanna Nickens, Associate Dean
Through the use of federal and state grant funds, participants access free, noncredit services for postsecondary completion, college and career readiness, and subsequent career pathway employment.

Agriculture/Engineering Science & Technologies
Vacant, Faculty Chair, Agriculture
Jonathan Ross, Faculty Chair, Engineering Science & Technologies
Parkland has the programs you’ll thrive on, from geographic information systems and horticulture to automotive technology and construction. At Parkland, you can earn a certificate or an associate degree while you gain the experience you need through intensive lab work, course projects, and internships that respond to technological advances and industry demand.

Jonathan Moore, Chief Instructor/Director
Prepare for private and commercial pilot certification at the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College. Start with us and you'll be ready to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year school.

Business/Computer Science & Technologies
Derek Dallas, Faculty Chair
We offer vital coursework in business and computer science, from accounting and marketing to network administration and web design. While our certificate programs can give you the skills to enter the workforce or snag that promotion, our degree programs provide the specialized knowledge for you to transfer to a four-year school with ease.

Joseph Walwik, Dean

Fine & Applied Arts
Julie Weishar, Faculty Chair
With Parkland’s Fine and Applied Arts programs, you’ll build a strong educational foundation in art, design, music, theatre, or mass communication. At Parkland, you’ll have the option to transfer to a four-year arts program with our Associate in Fine Arts or Arts degree or start your career sooner with an Associate in Applied Science or one of our many certificates.

Matthew Hurt, Faculty Chair
Our classes focus on the liberal arts—composition, reading, religion, philosophy, literature, and more—and are designed to lay the groundwork for future academic and professional success. You’ll be taught by instructors who bring big questions and global perspectives to the classroom. And when it’s time for that bachelor’s degree, our proximity to the University of Illinois offers the opportunity to transfer into some of the world’s best academic programs.

Kelly Bails, Faculty Chair
Kevin Hastings, Faculty Chair
Parkland’s Mathematics programs are designed to help you master the math courses most appropriate to your career goals. If you don’t have college-level math skills, that’s ok; we’ll help you through developmental courses. Are you already a math whiz, planning to transfer to a four-year school? Our Associate in Science emphasizes scientific and theoretical applications for a smooth, logical transition.

Natural Sciences
Scott Siechen, Faculty Chair
Apply your curiosity with Parkland’s Natural Sciences programs. You’ll build a strong foundation for the nature and practice of physical and life sciences, with courses in chemistry, physics, astronomy, meteorology, geology, biology, evolution, environmental biology, microbiology, kinesiology, forensic science, and human anatomy and physiology.

Social Sciences & Human Services
Isabel Scarborough, Assistant Faculty Chair
We offer a wide variety of programs that give you a broad social sciences base to build upon, including anthropology, psychology, political science, and sociology. If you’re planning to transfer to a four-year school, our associate's degrees lay the groundwork for careers in areas like social work and education. If you’d rather start your career sooner, our programs and certificates incorporate theory and practical field experience, preparing you for entry-level work upon graduation.

Carolyn Ragsdale, Dean

Health Professions
Kim Pankau, Faculty Chair (Allied Health)
James Roberts, Faculty Chair (Nursing)
Demand is booming across the country for nurses, EMTs, radiology techs, dental hygienists, massage therapists, veterinary techs, and more. Our degree and certificate programs are fully accredited and designed to give you leading-edge skills in caring for others, through expert instruction and hands-on training in labs, area clinics, and local hospitals.