About us

The Prospectus, Parkland College’s student newspaper since 1968, is comprised exclusively of students serving as reporters, contributors, and editors. The Prospectus News offers students with a co-curricular experience connecting a variety of majors and career interests and developing an award-winning newspaper. We provide an outlet for students to further develop their writing, photography, communication, time management, and critical thinking skills while producing a quality, trusted source of news for Parkland-goers. 

Our mission

The Prospectus' mission is to create high quality, accurate, and meaningful reporting, publish a variety of student voices and work to reflect the diverse community of Parkland, and give students the opportunity to work as a team, develop their skills, and enrich their learning.

How to get involved

A student can join the Prospectus staff by:

  • Being awarded a 50% scholarship
  • Being hired as a student worker
  • Joining as an intern

Apply to work with us here.

To find more information about joining the Prospectus, visit our website.