Parkland OT Life CliniC

Looking for more socialization, movement, or creativity in your life?

Our program consists of classes, activities, and engagement both in person at Parkland on Mattis and through a virtual platform. We are a community-based, habilitative occupational therapy clinic, which means we do not address acute injuries or operate with insurance or physician orders. 

See our eligibility information to see if the OT LIFE Clinic is right for you. For our clients, we can help reduce the effects of social distancing, maximize opportunity for mobility, and provide activities to improve cognitive engagement. This also provides a unique opportunity to foster student learning, client interaction, and development of clinical competency.


The OT LIFE Clinic will be offered weekdays throughout Parkland's fall semester. Contact us today to make your appointment!

What We Offer

  • Occupational Therapy screening
  • Resources based on individual concerns
  • Individual and/or group activities
  • In-person or virtual sessions with OTA students and faculty

Are you...

Interested in assisting with OTA student education while also benefiting yourself?

Do you...

Have concerns about your own health and well-being due to activity deprivation?

We can...

Enjoy FUNctional activities together, whether in-person or virtually, to improve quality of life!

OT LIFE Clinic for Parkland Students, Faculty, and Staff

Do you feel pain or soreness while working at your desk? Do you have fatigue or eye strain after long periods of working or studying? OT LIFE Clinic can help.

OT LIFE Clinic is provided by Parkland Occupational Therapy Assistants Students and Faculty.

When: Wednesdays from 9 – 10:30 am

Where: Learning Commons, room R226

What can the OT LIFE Clinic offer to Parkland staff and students?

  • Education on stress management and mindfulness
  • Stretching programs to break up prolonged periods of inactivity
  • Education on body mechanics with carrying heavy items
  • Workstation assessment (including, but not limited to computer stations)
  • Provide Parkland OTA students with the opportunity to engage in problem-solving by identifying and addressing work-place challenges of a diverse population
  • OTA students can present on injury prevention to various programs or student/faculty cohorts who are at risk of injury due to the physical demand level of the field

Stop by on Wednesdays or contact the OTA faculty to schedule an ergonomic consultation!