Social Sciences Careers

What can I do with my studies?

Your Social Sciences and Human Services classes will prepare you for a career in a multitude of fields. The knowledge that you gain and the skills that you learn in Social Sciences classes such as psychology, history, sociology, criminal justice, economics, political science, education, geography, and economics are in demand today. Business and government leaders tell us that problem solving, analytical, and communication skills are what they are looking for in employees. These are the skills we teach and value in the Social Sciences. 

Whether you are looking for a job right out of college, or are planning to continue your education, Social Sciences courses are the perfect preparation. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the job outlook and potential income for careers in the Social Sciences. Do you want to work in the public sector, such as education, law enforcement, social work, public administration, or even the park service? Or maybe you want to go into the private sector and work in banking, law, public relations, business, or marketing? On the other hand, you could decide to further your education and become a psychologist, an archeologist working on a dig, or maybe even a lawyer or professor. Whatever your goals are, there is no better place to start than with a degree in the Social Sciences.

Having trouble deciding on a career? 

Parkland's Career Services can help you with that.