visit uS

Often the best way to learn about a college campus is to visit.  Although we aren't doing typical group visits at this time, there are still opportunities to learn more about Parkland.

Virtual Campus Visits

For Parents:

We will be offering a Parent/Student virtual visit through Zoom on Wednesday, September 16 from 5-6:30 pm.  We will be talking about admissions at Parkland, financial aid and Pathway to Illinois information in an interactive format.

Virtual Campus Visit Days:

If you would like a general overview of Parkland, plans an opportunity to hear from staff in your area of interest, our Virtual Campus Visits might be a good fit.  From Health Professions to hands-on technical degrees, and Pathway to undecided, we can give you some insights on what Parkland College has to offer.  These virtual visits will be offered on Zoom so please let us know which day works best for you!

Academic Showcases:

From mid-October through mid-November, check back for more in-depth visits with academic departments where you would like to study.  We will share a little bit on the Admissions process, and a whole bunch more about particular majors.  More info to come.

Individual Appointments:

Although we aren't doing tours of campus, we will be happy to visit with you either in person or virtually.  To set up an appointment, please send an email to