Institutional accountability & research

The Office of Institutional Accountability and Research collects, analyzes, and disseminates internal and external data/information to support the college in making informed decisions and developing creative solutions that improve institutional effectiveness, accountability, and student success.

Data Requests

Employees who need assistance with research, survey development, data analysis, and reports should submit a Data Request form by using the 'Email Submit' button in the PDF form.

Research and Survey Proposals

A Research Proposal form must be completed and approved before any human-participant research is conducted at or as part of the activities of Parkland College. Please complete and submit one of the following forms by using the 'Email Submit' button in the PDF form.

Course Evaluations

For all Fall 2023 courses, please check your Parkland email for online course evaluations for each course. For courses at your high school, please check your high school email. For courses ending in December, you may complete the online evaluations through December 15. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact Alison Groot at

Please call 217/351-2239 for additional information.