What can I do with my studies?

Classes you take from the Humanities Department will help you develop core academic and professional skills that will help you prepare for a very wide range of professions and careers. The writing, reading, and critical thinking skills developed and applied in the classes you will find listed here are widely valued by employers, and are absolutely central to success in future academic pursuits. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the job outlook and potential income for careers in humanities fields.

Humanities is a central discipline within the Liberal Arts and Sciences, a term that encompasses a number of different academic disciplines and realms of knowledge and ways of knowing and understanding the world. You may have heard the phrase “liberal arts education,” and that is what is provided to students in Parkland's Division of Arts and Sciences. Through their studies in the Liberal Arts and Sciences students acquire not only basic and core academic skills, they also acquire a curiosity about the world and about other cultures, they develop habits of mind that allow them to see the world from multiple perspectives and critically evaluate information, and they develop the flexibility and adaptability to adjust to new circumstances and solve new problems. The skills and characteristics of a well-rounded individual are not only extremely valuable to employers, but are central to the healthy functioning of democracy as well. The humanities, as a central component of a true liberal arts education, provides an excellent and permanent foundation for all of your future professional, academic, and personal goals.


Having trouble deciding on a career?

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