Land Surveying

No boundaries to your success!

Surveyors create and use detailed maps to help people make important decisions; measure site features; and make the drawings that architects and engineers use to start their designs. Land owners rely on land surveyors to find missing boundary corners or create new boundaries for selling land. In our Land Surveying certificate program, you'll  innovate with new technology like unmanned aerial systems, 3 D laser scanning, and high-accuracy GPS to produce digital models.

Professional land surveyors earn a specialized state license, working closely with engineers, architects, and attorneys. Land surveying technicians work for professional land surveyors, construction contractors, and government agencies. 

Weekend Land Surveying Program

Looking for a convenient, affordable way to become a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS)? Our weekend program was designed for you! Students earn 24 credits in just 24 months by watching pre-recorded lectures online, completing online lessons, and receiving on-campus instruction one weekend per month. Parkland is the only community college in Illinois offering a land surveying program, which means Illinois residents are eligible for in-district tuition. We were the proud recipient of the 2016 National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Surveying Award. 

WLSP Program Guide