Quick FAQs


  • Question: What is the difference between the terms articulation agreement, transfer guides, and transfer pathways? 

              Answer: None. Different Institutions use different terminology for the same thing. 

  • Question: Is transfer pathway the same thing as the Pathway to Illinois program?

              Answer: No, it's not the same thing. For information on the Parkland Pathway to

              Illinois program, please visit  Pathway to Illinois.


  • Question: What is the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)?

              Answer: The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is an agreement among 100+ Illinois

              colleges and universities to accept a package of courses, the General Education Core

              Curriculum (GECC), for their general education requirements.


  • Question: Do I have to take all of my GECC classes before transferring?

             Answer: While it is possible to take only some of your general education courses

             before transferring, you must take the complete GECC package (at Parkland, also

             referred to as the General Education Certificate) to guarantee that all of your general

             education classes will transfer. If you do not complete the GEC, four-year institutions are

             not obligated to accept the courses, and you may need to take additional

             lower-division general education classes to complete your bachelor’s degree.


  • Question: What is the General Education Certificate (GEC)?

             Answer: At Parkland, the General Education Certificate (GEC) is a program that includes

             all classes within the GECC package. Once they have been completed, you will receive a

             GEC certificate, and you will be able to transfer to a participating four-year college of your

        choice, without taking additional lower-division general education classes. The GEC certificate 

        is a credential that will show up on your transcript.


  • Question: Is the GEC (General Education Certificate) from Parkland the same thing as a GED (General Education Diploma)/High School Equivalency Certificate?

              Answer: No, a GEC and a GED are not the same thing.