Computer Technology Center

From one-credit-hour courses in computer basics to nationally certified Microsoft Office software training, the Computer Technology Center offers you convenient computer software classes, no matter your age, ability, or needs.

Flexible schedules, locations

Learn computers at your own pace with our self-directed, open-entry/open-exit format! Just enroll in a CTC course and complete coursework at any time during the first 11 weeks of the semester. (You’ll need to complete all coursework by the date designated as the last day of class each semester to earn credit.) Take classes all online, all on campus, or a combination of both!

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MOSpecialist The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate program prepares a graduate to enter the workforce with the skills needed for employment using Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint), with certification from Microsoft in all four applications. The MOS exam can be administered right in the back of the CTC lab (D228).

Contact Leann McPike at 217/351-2506 to schedule the exam.

A certificate in Introduction to Computers in Business is being offered Fall 2019 semester.  Please see this link for more information.


All students enrolled in CTC classes must understand and agree to the following policies:

  • The CTC format relies on students being able to learn skills using a hands-on approach. Students must be able to read and follow step-by-step instructions. All instruction is self-directed using course guides, textbooks, and other instructional materials. Instructors are available in the classroom to facilitate student learning.
  • Students must be able to arrange their schedule and organize required tasks for course completion. Approximately two hours per week for each one-credit hour class are needed to complete all work.
  • Students who need more assistance, who prefer traditional instruction, or who have difficulty organizing time may need to consider a different learning format.
  • All assignments are due by the date posted in the CTC classroom.
  • No more than one unit or chapter per day may be turned in for grading during the final week of the semester.
  • All assignments must be evaluated and graded before taking final exams.
  • Students may take final exams early once assignments are graded.
  • Students may request a grade of Incomplete with the following guidelines:
    • A student must have extenuating and unusual circumstances that make completion of a course difficult.
    • 80% of course work must be completed.
    • Course work must be completed by midterm of the next semester.
    • If course work is not completed by midterm, the grade automatically changes to an “F”.