areas of study

In today's workplace, it's not enough to have technical skills. You need to be able to communicate effectively, make good decisions, and think critically with a global perspective. Competency in English, with strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, provides the foundation for your future academic and professional success. That's why a college education includes course work in the liberal arts—composition, reading, religion, philosophy, literature, and more. In Parkland's Department of Humanities, you will acquire the skills that sharpen your intellect and broaden your horizons.

Composition/Writing: Develop core written communication and college-level essay composition skills from beginning to advanced levels. Express yourself in a creative writing course. 

Developmental Offerings: Develop the core reading skills necessary for success in college-level coursework. 

English as a Second Language: Develop basic English-language acquisition for non-native speakers of English.

Foreign Languages: Learn Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and other languages from beginning to intermediate levels.

Humanities: Study the origins, histories, and development of a range of global cultures, with an emphasis on the analysis of art, literature, music, and other cultural practices. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Learn to apply a powerful methodology for acquiring a complex understanding of nearly any human artifact in this interdisciplinary course. 

Literature: Read, discuss, analyze, enjoy, and think critically about a wide range of literary works and genres, including novels, short stories, poetry, and dramatic works. 

Philosophy: Grapple with the big questions while honing your critical thinking and logical skills.

Religion: Learn about the world's religions, their histories, their beliefs, their practices, what makes them distinctive, and what they all share.