General Education Core curriculum (gecc)

What is the GECC?

The General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) is a selection of courses that are accepted by all public four-year institutions in the state of Illinois as well as many private institutions. Completion of the GECC ensures that transferring students have already completed the necessary general education requirements for an associate's or bachelor's degree and can now move on to courses specific to the student’s area of interest. This set of courses comprises about two-thirds of an associate's degree and about one-third of a bachelor's degree.

Amina, GECC student

Amina, GECC student

"I highly recommend GECC to fellow students. It offers a fantastic opportunity for young individuals to kick-start their college journey. The skills I have acquired have been beneficial to my life even outside of school, and the people I've met will stick with me for years to come. Making connections through GECC has provided a place of mutual support and encouragement, making my journey all the more meaningful."

Why Complete the GECC?

Nearly all college degrees require a student to complete some number of general education courses. These are courses that encompass a wide range of disciplines in the Arts and Sciences. The purpose for general education courses is to ensure that all college graduates have some understanding of the scope of disciplines that offer insight into the world in which they live. For students uncertain about choosing a field of study, general education courses offer the opportunity to explore all that college has to offer. Completing the GECC at the Community College earns the Gen Ed Certificate and provides the student with low cost options that transfer smoothly and provide opportunities to move quickly into core course in their chosen field once they do transfer.

Getting Started

To complete the GECC, students must complete courses within five different areas of study. To learn more about the specific courses that qualify for the GECC credential, please see the GECC Courses page

Students must submit a request to receive their GECC credential, click the button below to begin.