Strategic Plan for Excellence

A Vision of Parkland in 2028

Parkland College will be recognized as a premier community college that delivers relevant academic programs, responsive workforce solutions, clear pathways to success, and robust systems of support and development that enable all students to experience social and economic mobility while thriving in a rapidly changing environment.
Goal A: Empower Our Students
Parkland College will empower all students for success.

  1. Develop clear evidence-based pathways for success so that students start right, maintain progress, and complete a credential in a timely manner.
  2. Personalize support for students through a case-management guided advising approach.
  3. Enhance student success and resilience through comprehensive and accessible learning support systems in and outside the classroom.
  4. Increase engagement opportunities to enhance well-rounded student development.
  5. Honor students' lived experiences and provide an environment for growth and exploration.

Goal B: Enhance Teaching and Learning
Parkland College will continually improve teaching practices and enhance learning opportunities to maintain excellence in its academic programs.

  1. Implement evidence-based instructional practices to create welcoming, inclusive learning environments for transformational educational experiences for students across the diversity spectrum.
  2. Ensure consistent excellence and quality in teaching and learning through coordinated learning outcomes assessment and comprehensive, regular, and consistent program review.
  3. Create flexible, accessible learning environments that encourage students to participate in and take responsibility for their own education.
  4. Implement coordinated pedagogical interventions in and outside the classroom to reduce course completion and credential attainment gaps associated with learning differences, income, gender, race, and ethnicity.
  5. Identify and support professional development opportunities for faculty to stay current in their respective disciplines and emerging technologies.

Goal C: Enrich the Community
Parkland College will work collaboratively to enrich the District 505 community.

  1. Sustain Parkland College's role as a regional leader in economic and workforce development, forging partnerships with industry and government that spur job creation, expand the workforce pipeline, upskill incumbent workers, accelerate innovation, and foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem within District 505.
  2. Collaborate with K-12 districts and community-based organizations to develop curriculum and deliver systems to sustain a college-going culture, increase opportunities for students to begin and accelerate progress on college and career pathways, and promote students' college success skills.
  3. Provide and develop relevant credit and non-credit lifelong learning opportunities for District 505, with a particular focus on engaging with historically underserved communities.
  4. Effectively market and promote the college, its programs, and services to raise awareness of opportunities for social and economic mobility and career advancement; increase awareness of the college's priorities among key stakeholders, including policymakers.
  5. Maintain an open door for the community to visit campus and engage in enriching programs, events, and experiences.

Goal D: Invest in our Employees
Parkland College will invest in the enrichment and development of all employees as they fulfill the mission.

  1. Foster a mission-driven work environment.
  2. Provide comprehensive and consistent professional and leadership development for all faculty and staff.
  3. Nurture a culture of widespread understanding of and participation in shared governance.
  4. Sustain competitive compensation and benefits packages that attract new talent, retain existing employees, and ensure competency and excellence of Parkland employees across the institution.

Goal E: Secure our Future
Parkland College will strive for sustainable fiscal vitality emphasizing a continued investment in the human, technological, physical, and virtual assets of the college.

  1. Conduct the work of the college in alignment with the core values.
  2. Create an environment of accessible technology that supports and secures the college's learning experiences, business operations, and digital assets.
  3. Prioritize educational affordability for students.
  4. Maintain sustainable resources and maximize efficiency to support the learning mission of the college.
  5. Develop and implement plans for external sources of funding through Parkland Foundation fundraising, state and federal grants, public/private partnerships, and alumni outreach.