Getting Started Online

BEFORE your classes begin, make sure you:

  • Create your new ParklandOne password here, especially if you’ve been away for more than two years.
  • Explore the Cobra Connection here: Discover the ins and outs of using the Cobra Learning classroom environment in this orientation course, and also find the Learning Support Resources widget for help with peer tutoring, presentation center, success coaching and library assistance.
  • Have the Right Equipment ready (or borrow it!). Requirements:
    • A computer or laptop that has Windows 10, 128+ GB of storage space, 8+ GB of RAM, Microsoft Office 2019, and an updated internet browser installed on it.
    • Access to WiFi with a high connection speed
    • A webcam, microphone, and speakers (or a USB/Bluetooth headset with a microphone)
    • A charged cell phone to complete two-step verification into email, Cobra, etc.
    • Learn more specifics on equipment requirements here.
  • No computer? Don’t worry! You can get FREE help:
    • Check out an approved laptop for the entire semester here.
    • Use Parkland WiFi all around campus.
    • Get your Office 365 license here.
    • Update your browser here.