Campus Technologies

Campus Technologies is responsible for designing, implementing and supporting Information Technology throughout the campus, the scope of which includes Administrative and Academic/classroom technologies. Campus Technologies consists of five main teams, which include

Application Support

The Application Support Team is responsible for installing and maintaining back office systems and applications. This includes supporting the on premise applications such as the ERP system, cloud based solutions such as office 365 as well as system integration infrastructure.  The Application Support Team participates in system design and enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Application Services (EAS)

The Enterprise Application Services (EAS) Team is responsible for overseeing the technology project portfolio, project management standards and execution and the management of administrative and academic applications such as Colleague and subsystems. One of the primary goals of this team is to ensure successful implementation and technology adoption by the College. In addition, EAS ensures that system users' issues, needs and requirements are brought to Campus Technologies. EAS strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.

System Development 

The System Development Team is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing enterprise solutions. This includes in-house developed applications, programming off the shelf systems, business intelligence infrastructure and the development of system integration infrastructure.

Technology Client Services

Technology Client Services (TCS) includes Technology Support Services (Desktop Support), Technology Service Desk and Multimedia Services. These teams support both the academic and administrative end users’ needs, which includes desktop support, computer labs, audio/visual infrastructure, mobile devices, etc. The TCS team also oversees service management processes such technology asset management, incident management, forward schedule and also chairs the Change Advisory Board (CAB).

Technology Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Team is responsible for supporting Parkland's technology infrastructure. This includes developing, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing key areas such as network infrastructure, server infrastructure, data communications, storage, firewalls, and telecommunications systems.