Strategic Enrollment Management

Parkland College’s mission is to engage the community in learning. With the goal of carrying out and applying our mission to best serve all our students and communities across District 505, we partnered with the CLARUS Corporation to assess our current enrollment strategies, analyze potential market segments, and produce a plan that aligns with institutional priorities.

With this five-year Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, we aim to not only increase access to education for all students across our district, but also ensure that our students attain a higher quality of life outside of Parkland, while effectively utilizing the college’s resources to best serve all members of our community.

The plan goes beyond setting goals for increasing enrollment and enhancing student success—it develops measures of success to move us from mere aspiration to action and accountability. We encourage you to review the SEM Plan below, and are looking forward to seeing the future results of this endeavor. 


SEM Plan Audiences: high school applicants, current students, adult learners, non high school completers and esl, first time college 21 and younger, adult learner applicants


Download the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan FY 2022-2027