Tutoring services are free and available on a walk-in basis through the Learning Commons. Just come on in to the Learning Commons in R201, and we'll find the help you need or call 217/373-3839 for more information.

Online and hybrid classes

Once you are enrolled in an online or hybrid math class, your instructor will contact you through Parkland email or post instructions in Cobra Learning. Check both regularly and be ready to begin on the first day of classes.

Online math classes at Parkland College require an in-person final exam, and possibly a midterm exam. These exams are weighted heavily in the final overall grade. If you cannot make it to our campus, you will need to find a school testing center near you to proctor the exams.

Online math classes are a convenient option, but are not right for everyone. Consider an online math class if you are organized, manage your time well, and learn math well in an independent format. It is helpful to have previous experience with online classes. If you have previously failed or withdrawn from a class, an online or hybrid section of that class is not likely to be a good fit.

Innovated Learning Environment

Six Apple TVs line the walls with another on a mobile cart; professor and students can share their computer screens with one or all of the TVs. Versatile seating and tables can be rearranged in a million different ways. Color on the walls and in the upholstered furniture departs from the usual institutional classroom feel. No large board for lectures, and natural front of the room.

Funded by Title III, these rooms were designed to be modern, collaborative, versatile, and awesome.