Mathematics Sequences

Why study mathematics?

Most careers today require a solid background in math. Employers want workers with varying degrees of math ability for the fields of business (accountants, cashiers, real estate agents), medicine and science (pharmacists, physicians, engineers), technology (architects, auto service technicians, programmers), human services (psychologists, educators, EMTs), and others. 

Parkland is committed to helping you select the math courses most appropriate to our wide-ranging career/transfer programs, and we assist students without college-level math skills through developmental courses.

Before enrolling in any math classes

  • Students must be admitted to Parkland. If you have not already, contact the Admissions Office to fill out an application.
  • Transcripts must be received and processed by the Admissions Office.
  • An assessment test may be required for course placement. More information about assessment testing for math can be gotten from the Assessment Center.

At Parkland, you'll have the advantage of small class sizes, taught by master faculty—never teaching assistants. Your success is our priority.

Math Classes

Career and Technical Students:

Are you pursuing a career program or certificate where  specific math requirements are needed? We work with the programs in your area to give the needed math background to prepare you for success in your area of study and future career. 

General Education Students:

Are you planning to transfer and pursue a four-year degree requiring an introductory-level college math class that meets general education requirements? We have two transferable general education math classes that will fulfill your graduation requirements and help you to gain an appreciation for the mathematics you’ll see in the real world.

Elementary Education Students:

Are you pursuing a degree in elementary education? We have you covered with a solid math background including the classes you’ll need to meet your certification requirements.

Business Administration Students:

Are you pursuing a degree in business administration or economics?  We provide the transferable foundational classes to help prepare you for success at a four-year institution and in your future career.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Students:

Are you pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math? Our classes transfer to the nearby four-year math and engineering programs, and our students who transfer are consistently well-prepared for success in those programs.

Will my classes transfer?

MAT 107, 108, 128, 129, 141, 143, 145, 160, 200, and 228 will fulfill the Mathematics general education requirement at Illinois public universities. MAT 106 only satisfies the general education requirement for those students seeking an AA degree in education. Parkland College classes with an even middle digit (such as ENG 101, MAT 128, and BIO 141) are accepted for transfer as general education classes, major courses, or electives as determined by the transfer institution. 

For more information about transferring, speak with an academic advisor and visit the Parkland Course Matrix.


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