liberal arts and sciences

Why study liberal arts and sciences?

All A.A. degree transfer degree programs at Parkland include either LAS 188 or LAS 189 as a required course. Both serve as a kind of “capstone” course which brings together many of the ideas, issues, and methodologies you’ve learned in your general education classes within a single course.

At Parkland, you'll have the advantage of small class sizes, taught by master faculty—never teaching assistants. Your success is our priority.


Students in LAS have the opportunity to study, analyze, and discuss selected influential and major works in the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences organized by theme. At the heart both courses is the “Inquiry Method,” a powerful and flexible analytical tool for understanding and interpreting virtually any human artifact: essays, films, poems, art, novels, etc.

Diverse U.S. Cultural Expression (LAS 188**): Students are introduced to a variety of artifacts originating from a diverse array of U.S. ethnic communities and cultural traditions, including Native American, Asian American, African American, and Latino/a American.

Introduction to Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS 189):  Truly interdisciplinary in scope and approach, LAS 189 is a one-of-a-kind course and an exciting intellectual adventure. Students engage with various artifacts ranging from a Renaissance painting or a recent Hollywood film to Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” or a 17th-century love poem.

**Satisfies U.S. Minority course requirement for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Will my classes transfer?

Parkland College classes with an even middle digit (such as ENG 101, MAT 128, and BIO 141) are accepted for transfer as general education classes, major courses, or electives as determined by the transfer institution. LAS 188 will fulfill the Humanities and Fine Arts general education requirement at Illinois public universities, and also fulfills the University of Illinois U.S. Minority Cultures requirement. 

For more information about transferring, speak with an academic advisor and visit the Parkland Course Matrix.


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Liberal Arts and Sciences

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