While an understanding of a scientific way of thinking would benefit you in any career you choose, a wide variety of careers are available to those with a scientific background. Careers in research place you at the cutting edge of science—finding answers to unsolved questions. Basic research, often conducted at academic institutions, seeks understanding for its own sake and produces the wellspring from which much applied research takes its fundamental concepts. Applied research, frequently conducted in industrial settings, seeks to find new technologies, medicines, and strategies for improving the lives of people directly. But even outside of research there are myriad careers available to those with a scientific education. Science writing, medicine, nursing, agriculture, education, criminal justice, and legal professions are all fields that have robust careers for the scientifically inclined.

Whether you are looking for a job right out of college, or plan to continue your education, Natural Sciences classes are the perfect preparation. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the job outlook and potential income for careers in the Natural Sciences.

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