Diversity & Inclusion

Parkland’s Commitment to Inclusiveness 

Parkland College has an institutional commitment to becoming an inclusive and welcoming place for all who work, study, or visit here. The Parkland College Mission and Purposes statement includes the following purpose:

Serve students by providing

  • A climate throughout the college that values and promotes integrity, inquiry, diversity, inclusion, active citizenship, global awareness, and academic freedom.

The vision of Parkland College is to create a cohesive college community where we share, value, and understand the various cultures at the college. We promote learning by delving into the complexities of our mulitfaceted identities (including age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, nationality, and ability).  

Our goal is to educate a diverse student population in a supportive and challenging academic environment that fosters civility and respect.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Please see Policy 3.02 in the Parkland College Policy and Procedures Manual for information about the following statement: 

"Harassment or discrimination based on race, color, gender, gender expression, national origin, religion, age, veteran status (including Vietnam veteran), marital status, ancestry, or disability or retaliation for complaining about harassment or discrimination is a violation of federal and state law. Harassment and discrimination are prohibited in all areas of the College. Appropriate preventive measures shall be used within the College to promote respect for the rights of coworkers and students. Remedial measures and/or corrective actions, up to and including dismissal, shall be utilized when acts of harassment or discrimination occur."