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College is more than classes. It's where you learn to become a leader, find new perspectives, and discover things about yourself. We offer 25+ clubs and organizations that help you do just that.

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Your college experience can be anything you would like it to be, so don't be afraid to dream big. One way to do that is to study in a foreign country and really learn what other cultures are like.

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The Parkland College Learning Commons is a physical and virtual hub for learning; a place for students to connect with faculty, peer tutors, print and electronic information resources, instructional support services, instructional technology, and each other to achieve their learning goals.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Parkland! Just a few more steps...

step 1

Get Connected

We will soon send you email about how to set up your Parkland College student accounts. E-tools is a great place to start if you need more help with that process.

step 2

Seek Financial Aid

Looking for help to pay for classes? Visit Financial Aid for information on grants and scholarships.

Get Aid
step 3

Take Placement Tests

A degree-seeking student must have recent assessment scores in math, English, and reading before registering for classes.  There are multiple ways to obtain placement.  Parkland placement tests, ACT/SAT scores, high school courses and GPA, and previous college work can all be used.  ACT/SAT scores as well as high school and college transcripts should all be submitted to Admissions and Records at Admissions@parkland.edu. To determine what testing you will need, please contact the Assessment Center. Until further notice, all placement testing has been moved online and can be completed remotely.

A non-degree seeking student may be asked to show unofficial college transcripts or test scores to meet prerequisites.

If accommodations are needed:

If you have been diagnosed with a disability and would like testing accommodations, please let us know so we may assist you through Accessibility Services.

step 4


New Student Orientation is available online so you are able to complete it at your convenience.  You must set up your Parkland College student accounts before you can complete this orientation.  Information in these orientation videos will help you navigate resources and services available to you as a Parkland College student. 

step 5

Register for Classes

If you are a degree-seeking student and haven't completed 30 hours of college-level work at Parkland, you will need to meet with an academic advisor.  For enrollment, students will work online with their academic advisor to up their schedule at Advising.

If you are a non-degree seeking student and would like help with registration, please email registration@parkland.edu. Registration information can be found here.

step 6

Review Additional Resources

Here is some other information you may need before starting at Parkland:   
•    Find housing options in the Champaign area: Student Life.
•    Take a look at the books you will need: Bookstore.
•    Get your Student ID made: ID Station.
•    Check out resources and tutoring services at the Learning Commons

Student Life
step 7

Pay Tuition

View tuition deadlines here. If necessary, you may pay by installments through our tuition payment plan.

Pay tuition
step 8

Check Your Student Data

Check your profile to make sure your address, email, and cell phone information is correct. If this information is not current, please fill out the change of address form.


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