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Precision Ag: The Industry’s Growing Trend
Working in agriculture requires using and knowing the latest technologies. Emerging technologies such as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), data analytics, and remote sensing help today’s growers make important decisions on hybrid placement, variable rate fertilizer, and seeding to maximize yields.

The Parkland Advantage
Parkland College ranks second in the nation among the top 20 community colleges for precision agriculture, according to PrecisionAg.com. Because innovations in agriculture continue to occur rapidly, we make it a priority to equip our graduates with industry-based competencies and give them the specific skills to step successfully into modern roles of agriculture. In fact, Parkland College is the only community college in Illinois to offer a comprehensive, hands-on career program in Precision Ag. Our lead faculty member is a Certified Crop Advisor with Precision Ag Specialty certification and over 10 years of precision agriculture industry experience. Parkland College’s 20-year history of training precision agronomists has built for us a strong regional reputation, with employer partners eager to hire Parkland graduates.

MCPAg Services

  • High School Dual Enrollment Courses
  • High School Teacher Workshops (Classroom Modules/Training)
  • Accelerated Certificate for Four-year College Students
  • Precision Ag AAS Degree
  • Stackable Certificates: Precision Ag, UAS
  • Community Education Courses
  • Agribusiness Industry Consultation