Parkland College ALEKS PPL

Any new or returning student needs a valid math placement to take a Parkland College math course. The mathematics placement may be achieved by submitting unexpired ACT/SAT scores, unexpired college-level math course credits via final high school/college transcripts or taking the Parkland assessment test (see below for more information). Also, if you have any questions regarding your current math placement, please contact Assessment center.

All ACT/SAT scores, high school transcripts used for math placement will expire after a minimum of two academic years.

If your placements have expired or do not give you the placement you need for a particular course, you can take the Parkland College math assessment test.

Parkland uses the Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) service for our math assessment testing.  Along with testing service ALEKS also provides testing preparation and learning modules that will become unlocked once an initial assessment is completed.



Review this chart to determine if you need to take a placement test. If you score into a desired course stop here and call 217/351-2219 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. If you did not score into a desired course follow the steps below to set up your assessment test. 


SAT MATH Score ACT MATH Score   Parkland Course Placement
530-649 22-26   MAT 110,131,105,106,107,108,124
649 - 719 27-29   MAT 125,141,143,160,200
720 - 800  30 - 36   MAT 128
GED Math Test 165-200   MAT 110,131,105,106,107,108,124
HS Transcript      
Transition Math 003     MAT 110, 131, 072
Transition Math 002    
MAT 098, 107, 108 
Transition Math 001
MAT 105, 106, 124
Senior Math  C or Higher*   MAT 105, 106, 107, 108

*Corresponding overall GPA must be 3.0 or higher on an unweighted 4.0 scale

Set up accounts/access needed for Math Assessment:

  1. Use your seven digit Parkland College ID found in your acceptance letter to create a ParklandONE account with the ParklandOne Password Station. Call 217/353-3333 if you need assistance with account setup.
  2. Access your Parkland Student email account using your ParklandOne credentials. (ALEKS will send you messages through your Parkland Student email account.) Call 217/353-3333 if you need assistance accessing the email account.
  3. Access ALEKS PPL by using your ParklandONE credentials. (Please note, this link is the only way you will be able to access your ALEKS profile.) Call 217/353-3333 if you need assistance logging in to the system.
  4.  The ALEKS PPL proctored assessment can be completed on campus, on a walk-in basis.

Informational FAQs

What does the ALEKS testing service consist of?

The ALEKS testing service consists of three parts:

  •     The initial placement, which is proctored and requires an appointment. 
  •     The Prep and Learning Module, an individualized, self-paced online review (opened after initial placement).
  •     Access to four additional Placement Assessments, which need to be proctored.
What is the ALEKS testing service and what topics are covered?

The testing service is an online, adaptive system covering a broad spectrum of mathematics topics. The length of the assessment will vary but can include up to 30 questions. You will see some, but not all, of the math you have learned in high school. It is an assessment designed to identify if you are prepared for a particular course.

Topics covered:

  • Real numbers (including fractions, integers, and percentages)
  • Equations and inequalities (including linear equations, linear inequalities, systems of linear equations, and quadratic equations)
  • Linear and quadratic functions (including graphs and functions, linear functions, and parabolas), exponents and polynomials (including integer exponents, polynomial arithmetic, factoring, and polynomial equations), and rational expressions (including rational equations and rational functions)
  • Radical expressions (including higher roots and rational exponents)
  • Exponentials and logarithms (including function compositions and inverse functions, properties of logarithms, and logarithmic equations)
  • Geometry and trigonometry (including perimeter, area, and volume, coordinate geometry, trigonometric functions, and identities and equations).
Can I practice using the ALEKS system before starting testing?

ALEKS begins with a brief tutorial to make sure you are comfortable with the math palette tools before your assessment begins. The tutorial demonstrates how to enter different types of answers, how to use the calculator, and how to graph and use the Help button. Going to the tutorial while taking the Placement Assessment will NOT impact your Placement Assessment results. 

Where may I take my Placement Assessment?
  • The ALEKS PPL proctored assessment can be completed on campus, on a walk-in basis.
  • Any testing center approved by the Director of the Parkland College Assessment Center.
Is there a fee for using the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

  • Currently the $10 reassessment fee is being waived. 
Do I need to install any software or plug-ins prior to taking the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

No, there are no plug-ins or applets required. As long as you have access to the Internet and are using an updated browser, you should not experience difficulties in taking a Placement Assessment. For a list of preferred browsers, please review the ALEKS system requirements on their support site.

Are assessments tests proctored?

Placements assessments are proctored and require an appointment through the Assessment Center before you can take the test.  The best score will be used for mathematics placement at Parkland College.

What is the format of the questions on ALEKS?

The testing is open-response and requires you to work out solutions and enter your responses.

May I use a personal calculator while using ALEKS?

No, an on-screen calculator will be provided if one is allowed to be used on the question.

May I use any other resources during a Placement Assessment?

Outside resources are not allowed to be used during the proctored assessments. Any attempt to do so while taking the proctored assessment will be considered cheating and the assessment will be stopped and the result will not be used for placement. You will forfeit that attempt.

Can I review a question after I have answered it?

No, once you submit an answer, you cannot change it. Be sure to carefully check an answer before submitting your response.

What if I see questions I don’t know?

It is likely you will be asked questions on material you have not yet learned. On such questions, it is appropriate to answer, "I don't know." On any question that you have familiarity with, however, it is important that you do your best. I don't know is interpreted by ALEKS to mean that you do not know how to solve the topic, and this will be reflected in your Placement Assessment results. There is no penalty for incorrectly answering a question on the Placement Assessment; it only helps ALEKS understand what you do and do not know.

Are Placement Assessments timed?

No, you are free to complete the Placement Assessment at your own pace. If you need to exit during testing, you will be able to log back in and pick up where you left off when you return. 

What is my placement result?

Your placement result (overall score) is a number between 0 and 100. It represents the percentage of topics ALEKS has identified you have mastered.

ALEKS Score Place Into
0-2 TRN 050
3-6 MAT 059
7-13 MAT 060
14-29 MAT 110, 131, 072
30-36 MAT 072, 097, 098, 107 coreq, 108 coreq
37-45 MAT 097, 098, 107, 108, 124 coreq
46-60 MAT 105, 106, 107, 108, 124
61-75 MAT 125, 141, 143, 160, 200
76-100 MAT 128

Where can I see my score?
  • You will receive your score immediately upon completing your Placement Assessment.
  • You may view your ALEKS score by re-entering ALEKS using the same access link for which you took the Placement Assessment.
  • Your ALEKS scores are added to your Parkland student profile, which is accessible by your adviser.
How long is my placement result valid?

Your placement result is valid for 2 academic years.

What if I do not place into the course I wanted?

This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Prep and Learning Module. The program will create an individualized study plan based on your performance on the initial Placement Assessment. ALEKS will identify what you know and what you are ready to learn next so you can brush up on lost knowledge.

I did not place into the class I wanted. Can I take it anyway?

No; you must achieve the minimum placement result to take each corresponding class.

May I retake the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

You must wait 24 hours between Placement Assessments. You may take up to five Placement Assessments. However, it is required that you spend five hours working in your ALEKS Prep and Learning Module before proctored placement assessments 3, 4, and 5. Currently, the $10 fee for each reassessment is being waived.

How long do I have access to my Prep and Learning Module?

You will have six months of access to your Prep and Learning module. Access to the module will not begin until you select Start on the top of your screen. DO NOT select into the Prep and Learning Module until you are ready to start working.

Is there an additional fee for my Prep and Learning Module?

The module is free and you will have access to the materials for six months.

Must I work in my ALEKS Prep and Learning Module between Placement Assessments?

You can retake the Placement Assessment up to four additional times to improve your score. The highest proctored score will be used for math placement. You are required to work in the Prep and Learning Module for a specific amount of time prior to Placement Assessments 3, 4, and 5 to increase success. Currently, the $10 reassessment fee is being waived.

    What are ALEKS Knowledge Checks?

    While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete a Knowledge Check to make sure you have mastered the topics you gained in Learning Mode. If you do not show mastery during the Knowledge Check, the topics will be added back into your Learning Pie so you can review them again. Once started a Knowledge Check must be completed.

    Does progress in an ALEKS Prep and Learning Module count toward placement?

    No; you must complete a new Placement Assessment to change your placement result. ALEKS Prep and learning module is intended to give you the resources necessary to help you improve your placement.

    May I change to a different Prep and Learning Module later?

    No; you may only use one Prep and Learning Module. If you are unsure which module to select, use the module recommended by ALEKS. In some instances, Parkland staff may be able to request a module change.

    What do I do if my web browser gets stuck or my computer crashes while I am taking a test?

    Close the browser or log out and log back in. ALEKS will resume exactly where you left off, with no loss of your previous answers.