career agreement

Want to study in a career program that isn’t offered by your home community college?
The Illinois Community College CAREER Agreement makes that possible for you!

Study for High-Demand Careers in a Vibrant Community

Under our state's Comprehensive Agreement Regarding the Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER Agreement), students from anywhere in Illinois are eligible for Parkland College’s in-district tuition rate if their home community college does not offer the same career program. These students earn Parkland College degrees or certificates in more than 50 high-demand fields. 

Parkland College is across town from the University of Illinois, and there is ample housing available near Parkland’s campus. In addition, Champaign-Urbana is a lively, microurban community featuring a vibrant nightlife, fine dining, Big 10 sports, and diverse cultural opportunities.

Eligible Programs

Agreement Forms


Email or call 217/351-2489.