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We live in an age dominated by the fruits of scientific inquiry. Whether it's the phone in your pocket, the clothes on your back, or the food on your table, almost everything we touch has been generated or improved by steadfast application of scientific inquiry. If you want to understand the natural world we inhabit, science is the process by which that understanding is attained. At the heart of scientific inquiry is the constant scrutiny and refinement of its own findings. By thinking critically about previous findings scientists strive to constantly increase the precision of our understanding of the universe, including ourselves. This is not an easy process. Even to begin to understand enough of any one discipline to contribute further to that discipline takes years of study and practice. However, that hard work is deeply satisfying both intellectually, as a benefit to all people and in terms of careers available. Science does not often give quick answers, but it does give reliable ones. The understanding of the natural world provided by science has increased our standard of living and life expectancy beyond what any previous time in history has achieved. 

The Natural Sciences Department at Parkland offers a broad range of courses designed to engage students and help them advance their understanding of the natural world. Whether you are seeking a career in a science based field, wanting to fulfill a Physical or Life Science General Education requirement, or simply want to have a better understanding of the world in which we live, our classes can help you achieve your goal. With outstanding faculty who are experts in their field and dedicated to helping you succeed, our classes are designed with your needs in mind. On the “Explore" page, you can see some of the outstanding resources, equipment, and opportunities available to you as a student taking classes in the Department of Natural Sciences. This powerful combination of excellent instructors and top quality infrastructure makes Parkland a powerful ally in your academic pursuits. 

I was accepted to three very competitive Doctor of Physical Therapy programs using only Parkland College credit for my 14 core prerequisite classes. This includes a top 15 program that receives 1000 applications and only accepts 60 students. Never let anyone tell you Parkland cannot get someone into a top graduate program." - Matthew Shafter, Parkland student