How to apply

Step 1: Click to open the Get The Facts presentation and answer 5 brief questions at the end. This is a required step in our process and it contains vital information for students:

In the presentation you learned that many of our programs use a “score” to select qualified candidates. These programs include: Dental Hygiene, Nursing (A.D.N. program), Occupational Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technology, and Veterinary Technology. As a review, the score is calculated by taking a student’s cumulative GPA plus their science GPA and dividing by 2. If you are a:

      • High school student OR a student who has been out of high school two years or less, we use your ACT scores along with your high school science grades and GPA
      • Students without ACT scores and/or usable high school grades and/or high school graduation date was more than two years ago must complete 15 hours of college credit which includes a lab-based science course.       

If you have previous college credit from another institution you MUST have those transcripts sent to Parkland and should ask to have them evaluated to determine which credits may be applied to the program you wish to apply to. Click for transcript evaluation request form.

Remember, if you are confused or have questions, please ask for help. Meet with an advisor and stay in touch!

Step 2: Apply to Parkland

Step 3: Print off the checklist specific to your program. This checklist will guide you along the application process. You must initial each step after completing it, sign this form verifying you have completed each step.


 Be sure to complete everything and have all documentation submitted by the deadline for your program!