Business and computer science careers

Business/Computer Science & Technologies

Business careers are readily available in many locations and can include a high income, especially if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Every person in our society will ultimately need to understand business as a part of their career and in their personal lives, so these programs and courses should be a first area of study for students who are unsure of their career and education plans.

Technology is constantly changing and so has the need for skilled workers in computer science technology. At Parkland we keep pace by continually updating and developing courses and programs based on input from local businesses within the IT industry. That's why you can invest in training opportunities and explore up-to-date technology at Parkland College with confidence. 


With career options that range from office assistant to top-level management, business administration is a popular career field among students planning transfer to a four-year college or university. Our transfer degree offers freshman and sophomore-level general business courses, as well as courses in accounting, business computers systems, and business law.

Computer Science & Technologies

Reward yourself with a profitable and challenging career as a web designer or 3D animation and game designer, database manager, mobile app developer, IT office professional, office assistant, network administrator or tech support specialist. Or you may need to update your IT skills to make you more marketability with coursework or certification in today's in-demand hardware and software technologies, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft administration and CISCO networking, PC hardware/maintenance, Linux administration, database foundations, graphics applications, and web/digital media applications.

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