Computer Science/Computer Information Systems

Parkland's Associate in Science degree program in Computer Science/Computer Information Systems will help you develop an understanding of the basic principles and practices needed to program and maintain computers and computer systems. In this program you will also complete general education courses required by most four-year colleges and universities.

Baccalaureate degree programs in information technology have traditionally grown from a number of different disciplines, including mathematics, business, and engineering. Computer Science (CS) degrees usually have a general theoretical emphasis. Computer Information Systems (CIS) degrees have more of a business emphasis.

Data Systems & Development

Individuals who graduate with an associate's degree in Data Systems and Development are prepared for entry-level careers in the fields of government, insurance, manufacturing, and services. Graduates can find positions as software developers, computer programmers, web designers, e-commerce support specialists, or web architects.

Along with general education coursework, students in these two-year programs may take classes in programming and scripting languages, operating systems, networks, computer software, and web development and operations.

Digital Media

Digital media professionals design and/or develop computer-generated imagery, special effects, graphics applications, and interactive media for a variety of business, education, research, or entertainment industries. You'll learn the principles and techniques of 3D animation, game design/development, graphics programming, web design, and web development technologies. Our experienced faculty will teach the most current course material, allowing you to contribute in a new career right after graduation.

Network Administration and Support

Network system administrators and support technicians design, install, test, support, and evaluate an organization's internal and/or external network infrastructures. Our program teaches you how to maintain computer and network hardware and software, analyze problems, implement security measures, and monitor networks to ensure secure availability to system users. Our experienced faculty teach the most current course material, allowing you to contribute immediately in a new career after graduation.

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