BCST Alumni

Brittany Barton

Gibson Area Hospital


Parkland let me be a mother first!

Anupama Biswas

IT Business Analyst at Centrec Consulting Group, LLC

Data Systems and Development

Parkland has given me the opportunity to learn new technical skills, and pursue a career as a software developer.

Carter Boyce

Director/Animator - Shatterglass Films

Digital Media

Parkland College created the opportunity and largely contributed in giving me the skills needed so that I can do something with my life that I am absolutely in love with. I’m incredibly proud to be an Alumni of Parkland College!

Brandon Burton

Software Engineer Intern

Digital Media

Parkland provided the proper resources that gave me the confidence to move forward in my area of study. All of the instructors in the CSIT program were incredibly passionate, and they will do pretty much whatever it takes to help students succeed.

Cheryl Gerber

Office Administrator

Business Administrative Technology

Parkland College Office Professional program gave me an excellent education with courses that were engaging and informative. The faculty in each course I completed were fantastic and always there to help in any way possible.

Annette Huss

University of Illinois Staff - Human Resources

Business Administrative Technology

The Office Professional program is an EXCELLENT program! I returned to school after a 30 year absence. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anybody that has an interest in the administrative or support functions in the office.

Della Jacobs

University of illinois Extension


I had an excellent experience at Parkland. I actually went in a completely different direction than I thought I was going. I never would have made it without the caring nature and willingness to help students from Jeff Kilar, Program Director of Hospitality.

Lisa Johnson

Office Support Associate - University of Illinois

Business Administrative Technology

The BAT program at Parkland was outstanding not only because of the education I received that prepared me for my job, but also because the instructors really care about the students and go above and beyond to guide them.

Hannah Pace Wirth

University of Illinois - Office Administrator

Business Administrative Technology

I enjoyed the coursework at Parkland College. It provided knowledge relevant to my current job that I have put to immediate use. Faculty are superb and excellent at communicating material. I have developed lasting professional relationships with the instructors. I highly recommend this program!

Steven Rhoads

Network Operations Manager - Pavlov Media

Network Administration and Support

I attended Parkland after 15+ years of already being in the work place, but not in the field I wanted. Initially I was unsure, but the atmosphere and staff at Parkland quickly made that disappear.

Erin Wahls

Executive Assistant

Business Administrative Technology

I truly enjoyed my time at Parkland College! I went to school while working full time so I loved the fact that Parkland offered plenty of evening and online courses that worked well with my schedule.

Toya Ward

Carle Foundation Hospital

Business Administrative Technology

I am glad I completed Parkland's program because it was affordable and a great stepping stone into future endeavors, whether someone is continuing their education or moving into the workforce. I was not sure what I wanted to do when I got to Parkland, but with guidance I figured it out.