Crisis Management

Parkland College is concerned with the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. In response to this concern, we have created a Crisis Management Team and a Crisis Management Plan.

The Parkland Crisis Management Team meets on a regular basis and consists of the following members:

  • Mike Trame, Vice President, Student Services: U334 • 217/351-2551
  • Troy Daniels, Director, Public Safety/Chief of Police: A160 • 217/351-2884
  • Marietta Turner, Dean of Students: U242 • 217/351-2505
  • Pam Lau, Executive Vice President: U333 • 217/351-2542
  • Nancy Sutton, Vice President, Academic Services: U331 • 217/353-2113
  • Stephanie Davingman, Dean for Counseling Services: U264 • 217/351-2210
  • Jim Bustard, Director, Physical Plant: X108 • 217/351-2211
  • Stephanie Stuart, Director, Marketing and Public Relations: X156 • 217/353-2683

The Crisis Management Plan, detailed in Chapter One of the Policies and Procedures Manual, identifies the steps this team will take to prepare for each phase of crisis management: prevention, crisis management, and post-crisis management. An emergency protocol for the campus is included, along with questions to consider during the evaluation phase of post-crisis management. Additional information is detailed in the Campus Emergency Operations Plan.