Transitional Math

Information for High Schools

Transitional Math is part of the Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Act, or PWR Act, (Public Act 99-0674, HB 5729) in Illinois. There are three Transitional Math pathways, each designed for students who in their junior year of high school are not projected to be ready for college math. The courses are to be taken in a student’s senior year of high school after math graduation requirements have been met, and will guarantee placement in designated community college math courses. High schools will be required to develop and offer one or more of the three pathways, in cooperation with the partner community college. A memorandum of understanding must be signed, establishing expectations for all involved. Parkland College is ready to assist high schools in this process.

Transitional math graphic for high schools


Community colleges may submit course partnerships to a state panel for portability, which would allow students who complete a Transitional Math course with a C or higher to use their guaranteed placement at any community college in the state. Submissions will begin in Fall 2019.

Parkland will be forming a local portability panel to advise on local course policy and submissions for state portability. If you are interested in serving on the panel, please contact Brian Mercer at

Local Parkland Transitional Math Portability Panel Membership Application


Parkland College Transitional Math Coordinators:

Kara Greer

Erin Wilding-Martin

Brian Mercer, Mathematics Department Chair