Clubs & Organizations

German Club

German Club promotes the study and application of the German language and cultural aspects of the nation. It is open to fluent speakers and those learning the language, as well as other interested students.
Contact: Mary Jo Licht  at or 217/373-3782 ext. 6532

International Students Association

The International Students Organization is designed to promote social and friendship opportunities to the international student community at Parkland College. All students are welcome to come have fun with us!
Contact: Amber Landis at or 217/353-2190

Japanese Culture Club

Explore common interests in Japanese culture and experiences along with students of the Japanese language. Japanese Culture Club is open to fluent speakers and those learning the Japanese language, as well as those interested in our stated goals.
Contact: Travis Sola at or 217/353-2159

Homework Club

The Garden Hills Homework Club was co-founded in the fall of 2007 by Brian Nudelman, Parkland's service learning coordinator and associate professor, and Lauren Smith, community outreach coordinator for Champaign Unit 4 Schools. Parkland students, faculty, and staff serve as mentors and tutors for 3rd- through 5th-grade Garden Hills students in a positive, safe, and fun environment. 
Contact: Brian Nudelman at or 217/351-2534