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Steering Committee

Criterion Co-Chairs and Committees (5 Criteria)

1. Mission – Co-Chairs: Vice President Stephanie Stuart and Dean Kristin Smigielski
    Committee members: Triss Henderson, Tracy Kleparski, Jody Littleton, Brian Nudelman, Julia Hawthorne

2. Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct – Co-Chairs: Vice President Mike Trame and Director Tim Wendt
    Committee members: Marietta Turner, Sarah Smeltzer, Krystal Garrett, Tawanna Nickens

3. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support – Co-Chairs: Vice President Nancy Sutton and
     Dean Derrick Baker
     Committee members: Matt Hurt, Angela Jancola, Amber Landis, Brian Mercer, Beth Bachtold, Jane Smith,         Patti VerStrat, Carolyn Schwabauer, Amy Frasca

4. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement – Co-Chairs Executive Vice President Pam Lau and
     Dean Joe Walwik
     Committee members: Beth Chepan, Sheryl Drake, Kim Pankau, Lisa Lyne

5. Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness – Co-Chairs Vice President Chris Randles and President of
    PCA Joshua Birky
    Committee members: Steve Barbee, Ben Boltinghouse, Kevin Hastings, Erin Shannon, Tracy Wahlfeldt

Support Team

Librarian - Jane Smith
Data Expert - Kevin Knott and IAR
Writing Expert - Matthew Hurt
Critical Reviewer - Ruthie Counter
Coordinator - Julie Weishar


Additional accreditation information and documentation:

Division of Health Professions - Accredited Programs

Certification/Licensing Exam Pass Rates for Parkland College Health Professions Programs

2023 Illinois Community College Board Certificate of Recognition - EXTENSION

2022 Quality Initiative Report

2022 Quality Initiative Report Review

2017 Parkland College Assurance Argument

2017 Illinois Community College Board Certificate of Recognition

2012 Parkland College Self-Study Report



HLC Assumed Practices

In addition to creating the self-study document, there are other accreditation-related activities required for the year 10 comprehensive review. One of these is demonstrating that Parkland's policies, procedures, and practices adhere to a set of defined minimum expectations HLC calls “Assumed Practices.” These are not mission-driven or open to individual institutional interpretation as the Criteria are—they are expected practices that each institution must demonstrate.

Federal Compliance Program
Another requirement of the re-accreditation process is the Federal Compliance Program. Some of the topics addressed in the Federal Compliance Program include credits and program length, student complaints, transfer policies, Title IV, advertising and recruitment, relationships with state entities, and third-party comment. The HLC site visit team will conduct an audit to ensure that Parkland College meets the requirements outlined in the Federal Compliance Program.