Biennial Ceramics Invitational 2002

February 14 - March 15, 2002


Curated by Paul Dresang
The Parkland Art Gallery is pleased to present our 8th Biennial Ceramics Invitational curated by Paul Dresang. The focus for this exhibit is functional ceramics.

Paul Dresang is a professor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He invited 20 of his former graduate students to participate in this invitational. In the exhibition catalogue Mr. Dresang explains his selection of artists, "I see them as extraordinary talents who allow us to celebrate their personal responses to the need to bring beautiful things into the world, things of utility that enrich their lives in the making and offering, and ours in the having and holding."

Participating artists: Susan Arruda of Bethlehem PA, Ben Bates of Lake Forest IL, Susan Bostwick of Edwardsville IL, Chris Campbell of Dupo, IL, Marsha K. Daniels of Champaign, IL, Charity Davis-Woodard of Edwardsville, IL, David S. East of Columbia MO, Terry Gess of Bakersville NC, Bob & Cheryl Husby of Duluth MN, Randy J. Johnston of River Falls WI, Jeff Kleckner of Bethlehem PA, Ron Kovatch of Urbana IL, Steve Lloyd of Princeton MN, Jan McKeachie Johnston of River Falls WI, Rand McLeod of Ayr ND, Ted Neal of Smithfield UT, Jane Shellenbarger of Hale MI, Skeffington Thomas of Bridgeton NJ, and Russ Wrankle of Toquerville UT.

The exhibit highlights the functional work of these artists who continue to provide the touch of the artist hand in our everyday lives. Each artists provides us with their own interpretation of what "functional" can be. The results of their efforts are objects that can be enjoyed and admired while they are used. It is an attempt to recognize how artists can continue to make a direct connection with us on a necessary level.