Around the Block II: Artists from Our Neighborhood

June 19 - August 9, 2017


  • Reception: Thursday, June 22, 5–7 p.m.
  • Music by El Guapo
  • Opening remarks with Lisa Costello, Kelly White, and juror Gisele Atterberry at 6 p.m.
  • Closing Gallery Talk: August 9, 6 p.m. by Gisele Atterberry

Giertz Gallery, in collaboration with 40 North: Champaign County Arts Council, presents “Around the Block II: Artists from Our Neighborhood”  works of art that reflect the caliber of creative flourish that is present in east central Illinois.

Serving as juror for the exhibition is Gisele Atterberry, art history faculty in the Fine Arts Department at Joliet Junior College and co-author of the college textbook Design Essentials: A Handbook. She will provide opening remarks at the June 22 exhibit reception, to be held from 5 to 7 p.m. in the gallery. Atterberry also will give a closing gallery talk on the show Wednesday, Aug. 9 at 6 p.m.

Gallery Director Lisa Costello called this year’s exhibit a terrific survey of artists who live in the area.
“We’re pleased by the strong turnout of artists who submitted their work for the exhibit,” she remarked. “We’re also very pleased to have Gisele Atterberry agree to be our juror; a longtime resident of Champaign, she has made an impact in the arts in Illinois. She took this responsibility very seriously and gave a lot of thought to her selection. Finally, we’re thankful for 40 North, Champaign County’s Art Council, which really helped us get the word out to local artists to submit their work! It’s a valuable resource to our community.”
Artists participating in this exhibit are:
Jan Adams
Cecilia Allen and Roger Blakley
Sylvia Arnstein
Tedra Ashley-Wannemuehler
Jenny Barrett
Sandra Batzli
Gary Beaumont
Jess Beyler
Jodi Birdwell
Harry Breen
Thomas Brewer
M Ben Cohan
Catherine Cunningham
Beth Darling
Pamela Ek
Christy Elamma
Mary Emmons
Pam Erickson
Jeff Evans
Lisa Evans
Carol Farnum
Viktoria Ford
Faith Gabel
Juanita L. Gammon
Lorraine Graham
Stacey Gross
Daniel Hadley
Sandra Hynds
Judy Jones
Larry Kanfer
Jan Kappes
Bruce Kloth
Carolyn Knox
Philip Knox
Rick Larimore
Tom Layman
Sue Kay Lee
Casey Lowry
Paula McCarty
Ann McDowell
Ingrid Melief
Melissa Mitchell
Pat Monigold
Christina Nordholm
Sharon Owens and David Spears
Jason Patterson
Vicki Patton
Shannon Percoco
Hilary Pope
Ralph Roether
Erin Rogers
Ann Rund
Vashoune Russell
Umeeta Sadarangani
Andrea Shields
David Smith
Lynn Smith
Phil Strang
Stephanie Sutton
Bonnie Switzer
Mohan Tracy
David Wantroba
Bryan Warsaw
Rosalind Faiman Weinberg
Nathan Westerman
Catherine Wiesener
Charles Wisseman
Sarah Wisseman
Liza Wynette
Atterberry expressed on her own “great pleasure” in jurying the Giertz Gallery’s second community art exhibition.
“I was constantly reminded of the artistic vitality evident throughout our area,” she commented. “I was delighted to see submissions from veteran artists, people who have long played a prominent and valuable role in our arts community. Additionally, there were many highly skilled and thematically compelling works that were totally new to my eyes. In all, I feel the show will offer a reflection of the exciting and diverse range of interests held by artists just ‘around the block.’”


Image: Sylvia Arnstein, Central Illinois – Spring, oil on canvas, 15” x 30”, 2016