54th Annual Juried Student Art & Design Exhibition

April 11 - May 7, 2022

Visitors to the gallery, will enjoy an impressive body of student work in photography, painting, drawing, metals, sculpture, three-dimensional design, two-dimensional design, color theory, graphic design, and ceramics. Students taking art classes in the current academic year, beginning with summer 2021, were eligible to submit artwork.

As students planning on a profession in the arts begin their career path at Parkland, this exhibition allows them to showcase their extensive talent as well as the exploration processes they have experienced throughout their studies in art and design. 

During the April 14 reception, an awards ceremony recognized students whose artwork shows remarkable distinction. Student artists received monetary awards including the Parkland President Award, the David M. and Shirley A. Jones Student Art Award, the Metals Award for Jewelry/Metalsmithing, the Fine and Applied Arts Chair Award, the Parkland Art and Design Faculty Award, and the Blair Kling Memorial Art Award. In addition to these awards, there was an Art Coop Award for Sustained Studio Excellence, which allows students to purchase art supplies.

Parkland Art and Design students are eligible to earn scholarships, which were also announced during the reception.

Scholarship recipients included Katy Geurts (2021-2022) and Liam Dee (2022-2023), who won the Underwood-Alger Art Scholarship; Brandon Gillilan (2021 – 2022) and Amelia Gonzales (2022-2023), who received the Don Lake Art Scholarship; and Nhu Duong (2021-2022), who won the Juanita Gammon Graphic Design Scholarship (2021-2022).

Monetary awards for the Art and Design program include the Parkland President's Award for Art and Design, given to Connor Altan (Monticello); the Parkland President's Award for Graphic Design, given to Tara Jaggers (Urbana); the Blair Kling Memorial Award, given to Jori Bassett (Champaign); the Fine & Applied Arts Chair Award for Excellence for Art and Design, given to Sam Pickett (Tuscola); the Fine & Applied Arts Chair Award for Excellence in Graphic Design, given to Kelly Hoene (Urbana); the Art & Design Faculty Award, given to Joshua Walch (Champaign); the Victor Feldman Ceramics Award for Excellence, given to Honoka Adachi (Champaign); the Metals Award of Artistic Distinction, given to Saxon Burns (Champaign); The Graphic Design Best of Show Award, given to Joshua Stebbins; The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Award, given to Jeane Breiland (Camargo); and the Art Coop Award, given to Ceselie Eagan (Champaign).

Purchase awards for artwork to be included in the Parkland College Collection went to Jori Bassett (Champaign), Alison Hernandez (Urbana), Penny Moynihan (Ludlow), Megan Reich (Tolono), and Yuanpei Su (Urbana). 

Merit Awards for outstanding work went to the following students: Yarira Aguirre (Bloomington), Jori Bassett (Champaign), Joyce Beitel (Champaign), Kyndra Campbell (Urbana), Pavana Chandrasekhar (Savoy), Jawonda Clark (Urbana), Nhu Duong (Champaign), Kylie Fuoss (Champaign), Nora Kaeb (Cissna Park), Morgan King (Rantoul), Penny Moynihan (Ludlow), Kiah Thompson (Urbana), Kalyn Warner (Farmer City), Sharon Wenda (Urbana), and Chloe White (Philo).  

Congratulations also are given to the following art students completing the requirements for a degree during the 2021-2022 academic year. These students include Brandon Gilliland, Jordan Frederick, Jori Bassett, Katy Geurts, Quinteen Bien, and Yarira Aguirre, who will be receiving their Associate of Fine Arts degrees in Art and Design. Haley Cervantes and Beau Beesley have completed the requirements for an Associate of Fine Arts degree in Art Education. Jennifer Hernandez has earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in Communications: Photography. Jonathan Eagle, Joshua Stebbins, and Stephanie Blackwell earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in Graphic Design. 

Several Parkland College Art and Design students were also recognized for having artwork accepted into the 2022 Illinois Community College Juried Exhibition at Governors State University. Participating Parkland students included: Jori Basset (Merit Award), Katy Geurts (Best in Show), Kalyn Warner, Jordan Frederick, and Alexa Harmon. In addition, Jordan Frederick, Kalyn Warner, and Liam Dee had artwork accepted into the Northern Illinois University Community College Virtual Art Exhibition.

The following is a complete list of students with art in the juried exhibition, listed by hometown:

Bloomington: Yarira Aguirre

Camargo: Jeane Breiland, Caleb Hardyman, Jeane Thompson

Champaign: Honoka Adachi, Shaersti Anderson, Maya Baker, Jori Bassett, Joyce Beitel, Ashley Beitel, Stephanie Blackwell, Cambden Blair, Jessica Bowrey, Haley Cervantes, Chao-Wen Chen, Gordon Chiarizzio, Cody Davis, Liam Dee, Nhu Duong, Napier Duong, Ceselie Eagan, Jonathan Eagle, Amber Eaton, Elva Fini, Colleen Freund, Kylie Fuoss, Amelia Gonzalez, Alexa Harmon, Eunjoo Kang, Ron Kocher, Felicia Li, Charles Linzy, Tyrone Mathews, Kaitlyn Maas, Devansh Mittal, Israel Nguvu, John Nine, Cameron Patten, Ruta Rauber, Grace Sergel, Joshua Walch, Anthony White, Charles Wisseman, Sarah Wisseman, and Brandon Whittington 

Cissna Park: Nora Kaeb

Downs: Stephen Porter

Elm Grove: Miranda Berger

Farmer City: Kalyn Warner

Fisher: Ian Hazzard, Shelbee Owens

Homer: Emily Rogers

Hudson: Alex Ziebarth

Le Roy: Racheal Terven

Ludlow: Penny Moynihan

Mahomet: Olivia Bresnan, Amy Fox, Sara Kilar, Sam Kuehn, Ben Parrott

Mansfield: Hannah Cole

Melvin: Leah Brown

Monticello: Connor Altan, Ethan Brown, Brandon Gilliland

Paxton: Jordan Frederick, Katy Geurts

Philo: Patricia Guthrie, Chloe White

Piper City: Carol Lyn Dennis

Rantoul: Morgan King 

Sadorus: Erin Rogers 

Savoy: Pavana Chandrasekhar, Eva Cottrell, David Deutscher

Seymour: Beth Chasco

St. Joseph: Craig Antonio

Tolono: Isaac Benson, Charlie Mitsdarfer, Jana Ping, Megan Reich, Tammy York

Tuscola: Victoria Cisney, Jeremy Bobbitt, Hannah Fredrick, Justin Oye, Sam Pickett

Urbana: Rianne Ayers, Saxon Burns, Kyndra Campbell, Tasia Campbell, Jawonda Clark, Viktoria Ford, Alison Hernandez, Kelly Hoene, Tara Jaggers, Tyrone Matthews, Melissa Merli, Carol Spindel, Joshua Stebbins, Yuanpei Su, Kiah Thompson, Sharon Wenda, Robin Young, and Julian Threlkeld 

The show features nearly 200 student artworks in 2d design, drawing, figure drawing, painting, 3d design, ceramics, sculpture, metalwork & jewelry, digital photography, photography, and graphic design. 


To find the gallery we suggest using the M6 parking lot on the north corner of campus. Walk past the gym and the fountain area, enter through door X-7, turn left, and follow the ramps up to the highest point of the first floor, where the gallery is located. The gallery windows overlook the outdoor fountain area.

Programs at the gallery are partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. All events in the accessible gallery are free and open to the public. Parkland College is a section 504/ADA-compliant institution. For accommodation, call 217/353-2338 or email accessibilityservices@parkland.edu

For more information on the exhibit, please call the gallery office at 217/351-2485 or visit www.parkland.edu/gallery.