Prints in Process

October 1- October 31, 2003


The Parkland Art Gallery featured a new exhibit of contemporary fine art prints in October. Prints in Process, curated by master printer Lawrence Hamlin, demonstrated the range of printmaking media and the importance of printmaking for the modern artist. The exhibit featured prints from 23 nationally known artists.

Prints in Process was not simply an educational look at printmaking; it revealed an extraordinary collection of artistic talent as well. The imagery and content of the work varied as much as the different print techniques used to create them.  Many of the artists are known for their art work in other media; this exhibit showed how they bring their own voice and rich ideas to the field of printmaking.  Featured artists included William Allan, John Arbuckle, Rong Bao Zhai, Robert Bechtle, Thomas Hart Benton, Sandow Birk, Christopher Brown, John Cage, Tony Cragg, Roy DeForest, Richard Diebenkorn, Lawrence Hamlin, Thomas Huck, Bryan Hunt, Shoichi Ida, Alex Katz, Sol Le Witt, Tom McKinley, Nathan Oliveira, Lothar Ostenburg, Pat Steir, Joseph Stashkevetch, Wayne Thiebaud, and Grant Wood.
Prints in Process illustrated the developmental stages that a print goes through. Hamlin included the working proofs of a fine art print, providing a glimpse into the creativity behind decisions in the printmaking process. He also represented the various printing processes artists can use, from traditional woodcuts and etching to the latest technology of IRIS prints. This focused exploration of printmaking offered audiences an understanding of the richness of the printmaking media and the distinctive signature each technique/method has to offer.

The Prints in Process exhibition was made possible with cooperation from Crown Point Press, Framers Market, Hartz Gallery, Krannert Art Museum, Trillium Graphics, and Dr. Yu Wang.