Art & Design Student Juried Exhibition 2011

April 11 - April 30, 2011


  • Reception: April 14, 6-8 p.m., gallery lounge,
  • live music by the Parkland College Guitar Ensemble
  • Awards ceremony at 7 p.m.

Nichole Sexton, Irons, earthenwareThe Parkland Art Gallery proudly announces our annual Art and Design Student Juried Exhibition, which is on display in the gallery through April 30. Students, faculty, and the public can see the strength and quality of the artwork chosen, demonstrating tenacity and commitment, and revealing the development of critical thinking and visual perception.

The exhibition is comprised of works produced in our Art and Design classes within the last year. Members of the art faculty select works for the exhibit from approximately 400 submissions. It is an opportunity for the college to recognize and support student artistic work, celebrate the recent accomplishments of these artists, and illustrate the wide range of media explored while taking classes in these programs. Students artwork on display from Photography, Painting, Drawing, Digital Imaging, Metals, Sculpture, Three-Dimensional Design, Two-Dimensional Design, Color Theory, and Ceramics courses.

This exhibition serves as an excellent visual record and each exhibiting artist has created artwork worth seeing. The exhibit also publicly acknowledges the accomplishments made by these talented, dedicated, and hard-working students. A reception honoring the participants was held on Thursday, April 14 from 6-8 p.m. in the gallery lounge. The receptions included refreshments and live music from Parkland College’s guitar assumable.

During the celebration, a number of awards and three art scholarships were presented. This includes the Don Lake Art Scholarship that was awarded to Eric Shine (Urbana), who also received a scholarship to attend a workshop at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee; and the Underwood-Alger Art Scholarship, which was awarded to Sergio Juan (Urbana). Monetary awards included the Dr. David M. and Shirley A. Jones Student Art Award for a work of outstanding artistic achievement given to Sophie McMahan (Champaign); the Parkland President’s Award went to Yuli Lee (Champaign); the FAA Chair Award for Excellence went to Yumi Ra (Savoy); two Faculty Awards were given to Yun Ju Kim (Champaign) and Christopher Faller (Champaign); the Metals Award of Artistic Distinction went to Erin Rogers (Sadorus); and the Art Coop Award went to Amanda Mulcahy (Champaign). There was also be several purchase awards for artwork to be included in the Parkland College’s Permanent Collection; these awards went to Jill Bullington (Urbana), Christy Camarca (Savoy), Dusten Jenkins (Champaign), Amanda Mulcahy (Champaign), J. Nesvacil (Rantoul), and Dimitri Polychronopoulos (Urbana). A Parkland College Library Purchase Award went to Liddia Stevens. Merit Awards were also given for excellent work. These awards included: Marilyn Blanzy (Champaign), Richard Burkhardt (Urbana), Kirbi Eckerty (Monticello), Hannah Eisenmann (Champaign), Christopher Faller (Champaign), Boston Fleener (Farmer City), Benji Frazzetto (Champaign), Kayla Haggart (Champaign), Sumi Han (Champaign), Hyojin Jang (Champaign), Anora Johnson (Urbana), Sergio Juan (Urbana), Tammala King (Tolono), Nathan Kinsella (Urbana), Yuli Lee (Champaign), Sean Mauney (Sadorus), Patricia Monigold (Champaign), Brittany Norman (Mahomet), Dimitri Polychronopoulos (Urbana), Laura Reiss (Champaign), Nichole Sexton (Champaign), Hyunju Shin (Champaign), Eric Shine (Urbana), Harold Tindle (Monticello), and Jennifer Tull (Urbana).

  • Champaign
    Ray Arseneau, Jenny Barrett, John Bergee, Marilyn Blanzy, Christina Bonse, Holly Bradshaw, Jamal Carter, Kaixi Chen, Nathan Cooper, Jane Desmond, Kyle Dunn, Christopher Faller, Matthew Farrell, Victor Feldman, Boston Fleener, Divina M. Fourman, Benji Frazzetto, Tianshi Fu, Joan Gary, Erin Gleason, Kayla Haggart, Sumi Han, Alexandra Hughes, Hyojin Jang, Dusten Jenkins, Linda Jordan, Rashmi Kapoor, Yun Ju Kim, Jamie Kurth, Hyokwon Kwak, Clare Margiotta, Sophie McMahan, Patricia Monigold, Amanda Mulcahy, John Nine, Eunsook Park, Ruta Rauber, Laura Reiss, Alishia Reynolds, Michael Reynolds, Ann Rund, Keith Schinkoeth, Marjory Seitz, Nichole Sexton, Hyunju Shin, Caroline Smith, Sara Taber, Joseph Talavera, Linda Weiner, Marilyn Wendler.
  • Elliott
    Kaytlin Mott.
  • Farmer City
    Staci Gardner, Yuli Lee.
  • Gillman
    Ryland Snow.
  • Mahomet
    Haley Burnett, Sarah Holt, Suzanne Lowry, Rie Matsul, Brittany Norman, Samantha Wonderlich.
  • Monticello
    Kirbi Eckerty, Susan Seibert, Harold Tindle.
  • Ogden
    Lindsey Davis, Amy Wagner.
  • Pesotum
    Mara LaPayne.
  • Potomac
    Ashley Melloncamp.
  • Rantoul
    J. Nesvacil, Mary Ridinger.
  • Sadorus
    Sean Mauney, Erin Rogers.
  • Saint Joseph
    Josh Doniek.
  • Savoy
    Christy Camarca, YunJoo Choi, Cortney Eisenmann, Barbara England, Keiko Newlin, Yumi Ra.
  • Sidney
    Joyce Bagwell.
  • Thomasboro
    Todd Keller.
  • Tolono
    Tammala King.
  • Urbana
    Tredway Bart, Jill Bullington, Richard Burkhardt, William Campo, Mohamed Dardiri, Edward Evans, Shawn Fairchild, Michael Fuerst, Anora Johnson, Judy Jones, Sergio Juan, Nathan Kinsella, Brandi Lewis, Chih-Wen Lin, Zoe Mann, Ana Sofia Navarro, Dimitri Polychronopoulos, Lauren Shafer, Eric Shine, Justyna Sokolska, Liddia Stevens, Sidney Stevens, Kalyani Tavisala, Jennifer Tull.


Image: Nichole Sexton, Irons, earthenware