Art & Design Student Juried Exhibition

April 14 - May 3, 2014

  • Reception: April 17, 6-8 p.m., gallery lounge,
  • Live music by the Parkland Guitar Ensemble
  • Awards ceremony at 7 p.m.

This event is one that students and faculty look forward to each spring.  “What I enjoy most is seeing the variety of artwork that our students produce. As a faculty we each only see a microcosm of what our students can do, and this exhibit shows their diversity and professionalism.” comments Craig McMonical, who teaches Photography, Art Appreciation and History of Photography, “I love the fact that we get to show off to the community our talented students.”

Lori Kendall, Marina City I & II , nickel, plastic, and found objects, 4.5" x .5" x 4.5", 2013Thursday, April 17 will be the opening reception and awards ceremony.  Jordan Kay and the Parkland Guitar Ensemble will provide music for the event that will take place in the Parkland Art Gallery Lounge from 6 to 8 p.m.  An awards ceremony at 7:00 will recognize students whose artwork shows remarkable distinction.  Merit Awards, Purchase Awards, The Parkland President Award, The David M. and Shirley A. Jones Student Art Award, The Metals Award for Jewelry/Metalsmith, The Fine and Applied Arts Chair Award, the Parkland Art and Design Faculty Award, The Blair Kling Memorial Art Award, and an Art Coop supplies award are among the gifts made possible by the generosity of private individuals who have donated funds.  Each year scholarships are also announced. This year there are three to be announced and include The Don Lake Art Scholarship, the Underwood-Alger Scholarship, and the Robert Ralph Ford Memorial Art Scholarship. Also announced will be the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts scholarship announcement. Merit awardees, scholarship recipients, and certificate winners retain possession of their work. Purchase awards become part of the Parkland College Permanent Collection.

The accomplishments made by these talented, dedicated, and hardworking students are evident by the works included in the exhibit. A reception honoring the participants was held on Thursday, April 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. During the celebration, students received a number of awards and art scholarships.

Scholarship recipients included Leila Ghasempor of Champaign, who won the Underwood-Alger Art Scholarship; Jared Hobson of Farmer City, who received the Don Lake Art Scholarship; Elizabeth Anderson of Urbana, who won the Robert Ralph Ford Memorial Art Scholarship; and Elizabeth Neathery of Deland, winner of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Scholarship.

Monetary awards included the Dr. David M. and Shirley A. Jones Student Art Award for work of outstanding artistic achievement, given to Caitlin Sims, (Urbana); the Parkland President's Award, given to Claire Daly, (Champaign); the Blair Kling Award, given to Joseph Talavera, (Champaign); the Fine & Applied Arts Chair Award for Excellence, given to Abigail Boyer, (Tuscola); the Art & Design Faculty Award, given to Divina Fourman, (Champaign); the Metals Award of Artistic Distinction, given to Haley Cox (Champaign); and the Art Coop Award, given to Kristin Marshall (Champaign).

Purchase awards for artwork to be included in the Parkland College Permanent Collection went to: Arwen Sabas (Champaign), Jared Hobson, (Farmer City), Julio Gaytan, (Onarga), and Makenzie Hryhorysak, (Champaign). Kelly Acton (Danville), Dillon Knapp (White Heath), Melissa Voss (Rantoul), and Catherine Yao (Urbana) received Parkland College Library Purchase Awards.

Merit Awards for outstanding work went to the following students: Ellen Frazier (Champaign), Claire Margiotta (Champaign), Benji Frazzetto (Champaign), Abigail Eichstedt (Mahomet), Molly Murray (Milford), Al Tindle (Monticello), Erin Rogers (Sadorus), Bill Campo (Urbana), Zoe Mann (Urbana), Lori Kendall (Urbana), Saeree Kim (Urbana).

The following is a full list of students with art in the juried exhibition, listed by hometown:

  • Arcola: Brandon Cherry and Spencer Sage
  • Bondville: Kortney Sutherland
  • Champaign: Ray Arseneau, Angela Barajas, Anna Barnes, Tristan Belleville, Brittany Bengtson, Eva Blackburn, Jon Bonjean, Yazmine Carbajal, Kam Yan Chan, Haley Cox, Claire Daly, Janet Eke, Victor Feldman, Divina Fourman, Ellen Frazier, Benji Frazzetto,Colleen Freund, Joan Gary, Leila Ghasempor, Alexa Harmon, Makenzie Hryhorysak, Waleed Jassim, Rashmi Kapoor, Joanna Krueger, Theresa Laumann, Clare Margiotta,Karissa Marshall, Kristin Marshall, Aaron McQuillin, Brianna Musgrove, Brittani Musgrove, Duong Nguyen, Eunsook Park, Samantha Pomrenke, Ruta Rauber, Samuel Rice, Arwen Sabas, Emily Sha, Joseph Talavera, Taylor Tatro, Jim Wahl, Jessica Wankel, Vicky Warf, Linda Weiner, Jessica Welland, Scott Wells, Marilyn Wendler, Eric Wildehagen, Maxwell Young,
  • Colfax: Kiersten Cedeno
  • Danville: Kelly Acton
  • DeLand: Elizabeth Neathery
  • Fairbury: Tami Steffen
  • Farmer City: Deanna Hasler and Jared Hobson
  • Fisher: Jordan Bidner
  • Mahomet: Tammy Cranston, Abigail Eichstedt, Chelsea Gerber, Cassandra Goethe, Bibiana Schell, Shania Sears, and June Volkening
  • Mansfield: Faith Taylor
  • Milford: Molly Murray
  • Monticello: Al Tindle
  • Oakwood: Chad Myler
  • Onarga: Julio Gaytan
  • Paxton: Shannon Tavenner
  • Pesotum: Mara LaPayne
  • Rantoul: Todd Banbury, Jamie Hedrick, and Melissa Voss
  • Sadorus: Erin Rogers
  • Saint Joseph: Sylvia Eaton, Emily Pawlicki
  • Savoy: Margarita Dmitrieva, Hiroko Ito, Leah Keim, Katrina Reed, and Madelyn Witruk
  • Saybrook: Taylor Braasch
  • Sheldon: Elizabeth Rice
  • Sidney: Briana Lehmann
  • Tinley Park: Elisabeth Tricou
  • Tuscola: Abigail Boyer and Rebecca Stebbins
  • Urbana: Elizabeth Andersen, Chang Bao, Morgan Broadstone, Bill Campo, Brian Foote, Peter Garrett, Justin Griest, Patricia Guthrie, Lori Kendall, Saeree Kim, Kaylee Kuenstler, Zoe Mann, Caitlin Sims, Liddia Stevens, and Catherine Yao
  • Viola: Allyson Carlson
  • White Heath: Dillon Knapp

Image: Lori Kendall, Marina City I & II , nickel, plastic, and found objects, 4.5" x .5" x 4.5", 2013