Get a head start on college!

You could start earning college credits while still in high school!

There are plenty of reasons to consider Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment through Parkland College. Here are a few:

  • Get a head start on college and your career; you can save time by taking classes while you're in high school that count toward a future college degree or certification.
  • Save money; Parkland College offers affordable classes which can reduce college costs after high school. In some cases, the cost of courses may be reduced or tuition-free!
  • Gain experience as a college student; when you enroll in a Parkland College course, you are a Parkland College student! This means that you have access to all of the resources available through the college and learn in a college environment that will help you know what to expect in post-secondary courses.

What is Dual Credit?  What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Credit allows eligible high school students to take Parkland College courses, simultaneously earning credit toward a specialized certification, associate degree, or bachelor degree, and at the same time, earn credit toward high school graduation requirements. Dual Credit students can take courses on the Parkland College campus, online, and even at their home high school.

Dual Enrollment is nearly the same as dual credit, however, dual enrollment does not reciprocate credit at the high school level. Dual Enrollment students can take courses on the Parkland College campus or online.

You may apply to take courses at Parkland College if you are:

  • at least 15 years old
  • attend an area high school or are home-schooled
  • have met course prerequisites, if applicable
  • have met the assessment requirements

Students seeking high school (dual) credit must:

  • be a current high school student
  • have approval from your home high school
  • be in good standing

Note: The type and amount of credit given by the high school toward high school graduation requirements is entirely in the purview of the high school.

Students admitted under the Early College admission policy:

  • do not qualify for financial aid
  • are considered course enrollees (non-degree seeking)
  • waive the right to privacy and grant Parkland College officials permission to share the student's performance information with his/her parents, legal guardians, and/or high school liaisons
  • Performance in college courses may have short-term and long-term implications on future financial aid eligibility.
  • Credit and grades earned are recorded permanently on the student's Parkland College transcript. Credits earned will count toward degree requirements (where applicable), and grades earned will be counted in the GPA in accordance with the Parkland College policies.


Note: The college or university you plan to attend after high school may or may not accept  course credits you have earned. To make sure they are accepted, check with your high school counselor or contact your chosen college for specific information.