Frequently asked questions

When do online classes start?
Online classes begin at the same time during the semester as on-campus classes. Be ready to log in and do work on the first day of class. You will have access to your online class a few days before classes start, so use that time to become familiar with your course website.
How do I access my Parkland student email account?
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How do I register for online classes?
Online students follow the same registration procedure as on-campus students. You can come to campus to register, or you can register online.
How do I buy my books for an online class?
Textbooks for online courses are available in the Parkland bookstore. You can also search for your books on Amazon or other online booksellers.
I've been dropped from an online class for non-payment. Can I get back in?
If the registration period is open, you can re-enroll and pay your tuition within 24 hours. If the class has filled, you must contact the department office for permission to join the course.
Will I have access to Microsoft software?
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How do I take tests?
Testing varies from class to class. Some classes use online testing and some require you to find a test proctor or come to Parkland.
Will I have access to all the library's resources?
Parkland Library offers many resources to our online students. Check their site for more information.

Hybrid Classes

What is a hybrid class?
"Hybrid" is the name for classes that combine face-to-face classroom instruction with computer-based learning. In a hybrid class, a significant part of the course learning is online and as a result, the amount of classroom seat-time is reduced. This allows the student more flexibility while maintaining face-to-face contact with the instructor.
Are hybrids the same as correspondence courses?
No, hybrids are neither correspondence nor fully online classes. Hybrids simply reduce the number of class meetings and students participate, interact, and learn online instead.
Who can take a hybrid class?
Anyone who has met the individual prerequisites for a particular class can enroll in a hybrid class.
Are there any requirements for a hybrid course?
Yes. To participate in hybrid courses, you must have access to the Internet.
Are there any prerequisites for hybrid courses?
Yes. In addition to any course-specific requirements, you should have good computer skills and be able to read and write clearly.
I am not very good with computers, but I am interested in a hybrid course. Can I still enroll?
You should be familiar with how to access information via the web. If you can use a web browser, download documents from the web and open them in another program, and use email then you are probably ready to take a hybrid course.
Will I be working on my own?
No. You will be working closely with the instructor and the students in your class, just as you would in a  classroom. But you will also learn to work online, both independently and with others. Depending upon the class, you may interact in an electronic classroom and learn skills such as participation in the class through online discussions or forums, collaborations through group work, and working and taking responsibility in a team for class projects. You will not be on your own but you will need to learn good organizational and time-management skills to be successful as a hybrid student.
Can hybrid class credits be applied towards my degree/certificate just like an on-campus class?
Yes, hybrid class credits apply towards your degree/certification just as any other class. Your transcripts will not reflect any differences for taking the hybrid classes, but you will gain computer literacy skills that will be valuable in other coursework and in your workplace.
How should I prepare to succeed in a hybrid classes?
To succeed in a hybrid class you must be comfortable using computers and learning new software. It is difficult to keep up in an online or hybrid class if you are not reasonably skilled at using a web browser and email. You must have time and access to the web several times a week; you must keep up with the class reading; you must stay current with the class calendar to meet assignment deadlines; you must read assignments and directions carefully; and, most importantly, you must be self-motivated.