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Choose Parkland, then transfer.
Why? It’s one of the best-kept secrets around: taking Parkland College classes first and transferring the credits to a 4-year school is a pretty smart move. Word’s getting out, though: more and more high school grads are completing their “gen eds” and basic courses in their major at Parkland first, saving a LOT of money.

You can transfer Parkland credits in a wide variety of majors, from Computer Science to Kinesiology to Fire Service Technology. Plus, Parkland’s agreements with colleges in Illinois make it easier than ever for you to enter as a junior into a 4-year school of choice and earn your bachelor’s degree.
Our counselors are available to assist students with the transfer process. We have the most current information for specific programs at Illinois colleges and universities. For more information call the Counseling and Advising Center at 217/351-2219 or stop by room U267.

So, explore your options, choose a major, and then begin your college career at a school where your success matters: Parkland College.

Preparing for Transfer

  • Select a college major. Pick your transfer college and obtain its:
    • college catalog
    • transfer brochure
    • admission and financial aid requirements/deadlines
    • enrollment requirements specific to your major
  • After you’ve applied and are admitted to Parkland, meet with a Parkland counselor every semester to update your transfer goals.
  • Make an appointment to talk with an advisor/counselor at your intended transfer institution. Carefully plan the steps you’ll take to transfer your Parkland College credits.

NOTE: You are ultimately responsible for selecting the appropriate courses that will allow you to transfer to your senior college of choice. Since admission into many advanced degree programs is competitive, completing the recommended Parkland courses does not guarantee admission into any particular senior college program. Check with our Counseling and Advising Center and the Illinois transfer website for help in selecting Parkland course equivalents at major Illinois colleges.

Illinois Transfer Agreements:
Articulation Compact Program allows Parkland students who have completed their AA or AS degree to transfer as juniors to certain Illinois state universities. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) allows Parkland students to complete a set of courses guaranteed to transfer between participating institutions statewide. Visit the Illinois transfer website for more information.

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