Returning from Academic Suspension or Dismissal

Students on academic suspension or academic dismissal may seek reinstatement when they have completed the mandated period of suspension (one full semester, either fall or spring) or dismissal (one full calendar year). 

Fall 2021 Deadlines

August 16 - Deadline to submit an appeal of academic suspension or dismissal

August 19 - Deadline to submit a request to return from academic suspension or dismissal for 16-week classes

September 9 - Deadline to submit a request to return from academic suspension or dismissal for 13-week classes

step 1

Financial aid

Complete an online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application if financial assistance is needed. Contact the office of Financial Aid and Veterans Services for more information. 

Complete your FAFSA
step 2

Academic plan

Meet with an academic success advisor who will help you develop an academic plan for your return.  

Make an appointment
step 3

Dean's approval

Submit a copy of the completed academic plan signed by the counselor, advisor, or academic coach to the office of the Dean of Learning Support (D108).  Depending on your circumstances and academic history, you may be required to meet with an academic coach before you are approved for registration. 

Submit your plan
step 4

Class registration

Upon notification of the dean's approval, register for classes.  Registration for classes must be in accordance with the agreed-upon academic plan and must be completed by the deadline given in your approval notification email.  

step 5

Progress review

Make appointments to see an academic success advisor at least two times in the first semester upon returning to classes.  The first meeting should take place by the third week of the semester.  

Make an appointment