forms & Handbook

Register with Accessibility Services

Intake Form

(Required) This form assists your Accessibility Services Specialist in understanding how your disability impacts you in the college setting. You can submit your documentation with this form as well.

Documentation Form

(Required) Accessibility Services requires documentation of your disability. This can be submitted through the intake form. If you are submitting documentation at another time, you can submit it on this form.

Release of Information

(Required) This form is if you would like to give us permission to speak with any designated individuals about your accommodations through our office.

Alternative Testing Agreement

(Required) This form will allow you to test with Accessibility Services using your approved accommodations.

Obtain an interpreter

Interpreter Agreement

Please read this form first before completing the request form.

Interpreter Request

Please use this form to complete your request for an interpreter for a college event, activity, or course. It is strongly recommended that you complete this form two weeks prior to the need for an interpreter. If submitted less than two weeks in advance, Accessibility Services may not be able to secure an interpreter.

Implement accommodations during the semester 

Note: These forms are to be used after a student has already registered with Accessibility Services

Request to Notify Instructors of Accommodations

This form must be completed each semester to inform Accessibility Services of the instructors whom you would like notified of your approved accommodations. When this form is received, Accessibility Services staff will notify instructors about your approved accommodations. Accommodations are not available in the class until your instructor has received official notification of your accommodations.

Test Request

You may use this form to schedule your exam with your approved testing accommodations in Accessibility Services.

Alternative Book Format

You may use this form to request your textbooks in alternate formats. In order to have your books available in alternate formats for the start of classes, it is recommended that you submit this form along with proof of purchase at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester.