Workshops AND GROUPS 


Parkland Mental Health Counselors are providing free 60-minute workshops designed to provide information/understanding and coping skills focused on common issues facing you in college and in life. Attend in person or online (access link via workshop title)

All Workshops are from 1-2pm on their scheduled dates.

Where: U140 and online via Microsoft Teams (click title for link)

Come for the information; stay for snacks and conversation!


Choosing Group Counseling:

There are many benefits to group counseling, it is especially unique in the validation and connections formed when you feel seen and heard by your peers. (for more information check out this brief article by the American Psychological Association: Understanding Group Therapy) The Counseling Support Center offers several topic-specific groups throughout the academic year. Fall 2022 groups are as follows:

What do I Want? Relationships, Boundaries & Loneliness 

Making friends and discovering who you are as an independent individual can be challenging. This group is about developing the skills and confidence to do it. The best part? You don't have to do it alone! We will work together to face fears and obstacles, find things that work for us and have some fun along the way. 

When: Tuesdays 12-1   (Sept 6th - Oct 11th)     Where: U236

*Please note, this group will be capped at 10 to allow participants to connect over the 6 week period.

Chaos to Calm: The Mind/Body Connection

Understanding how our body responds to stress is key to understanding how we can better move through our worries, fears and anxieties. When we feel anxious or overwhelmed, we can draw on information from neuroscience, biology, and psychology to develop a new and empowered relationship with ourselves and our struggles. Relief is possible. Join us in discovering how you can move from chaos to calm.

When: Tuesdays 12-1   (Oct. 18th - Nov 22nd)     Where: U238

*Please note, this group will be capped at 10 to allow participants to connect over the 6 week period.

Rhythm is Life: Drumming for Your Health

When we drum together, we share our individuality and create community. We fight isolation and loneliness. Drumming also helps us heal our whole selves. It can boost our immune system, raise our mood, and release emotional trauma, anxiety and stress; deeply relaxing us while feeding our energy. And… it's fun! Join us for Drum Circles twice a month. No experience necessary & drums provided!  

When: Thursdays 1-2  (9/8, 9/22, 9/30, 10/13, 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15)      Where: U140

*No cap on participation