bandana project


The Bandana Project is a mental health awareness initiative that aims to reduce stigma and promote help-seeking behavior among college students. The idea is simple: students who wear a green bandana on their backpacks signal that they are supportive of mental health issues and willing to listen to anyone who needs to talk. 

The green bandana also serves as a reminder of the resources available on campus and in the community for mental health support. The Green Bandana Project hopes to create a culture of compassion and empathy among students, and to encourage them to seek help when they are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health challenges.

If you see students, staff, or faculty members with a green bandana on their bag or in their office, understand that they are open to listen to you, and can provide you with helpful resources for managing your mental health.

The Bandana Project Pledge

In joining this project, you will...

  • Listen to those who talk about their mental health, and will respond without judgement
  • Help direct others to mental health resources or support from a professional
  • Understand that it is okay to both struggle with mental health and to get help
  • Do your best to support others, wherever they are in their mental health experience
  • Reach out for help for your own mental health when you need to 
  • Reject the stigma associated with mental health concerns and suicide
  • Proudly say that you are not alone, you are cared for, and that help is available whenever you are ready.

Interested in joining?

The Bandana Project is open to students, staff, and faculty. To join, use the Discover tab in Cobra to locate the course or email You will then be asked to watch some brief informational videos about the project and how to help those struggling with their mental health. Once complete, you will receive a green bandana and resource packet.