Get peer support!

At Parkland College, we understand that your mental health and well-being are essential for your academic success and personal growth. Everyone needs some support to get through the college journey. Whether that's a peer mentor, a friendly face in the halls, or one of our professional counselors– the Parkland community has your back.

Learn more about our peer support resources by visiting the links below! 

Need some more help? Call 217/351-2461 to reach the Counseling Support Center.

Parkland Peers

Pair with another student, alumni, or industry professional to guide you through your college journey.


TalkCampus is a global mental health support network monitored by professionals where anonymous support is offered instantly, anytime.

Workshops and Groups

Free workshops designed to provide understanding and coping skills for common issues facing you in college and life.

Green Bandana Project

Mental health awareness initiative to destigmatize seeking support and create a community of understanding.