How to register for cLASSES

How to Register

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Self-Service for Students.
  3. Click on Registration.
  4. Choose Student Planning link.
  5. Under Student Planning, click Course Catalog from the navigation pane at the top.
  6. Select the subject area you wish to take by scrolling down the page.
  7. On the left side, select the term in which you would like to take the class.
  8. Scroll down to the class and section you would like to take and select it. Class sections may be labeled as online (W), hybrid (H), flexible (F), or online synchronous (V), depending on the instructional mode for the course.
  9. Click Add Course to Plan in the blue circle on the right side.
  10. Choose Student Planning link and go to the Plan and Schedule tab, and advance the calendar to the term you want to register.
  11. Click the Register Now button on the upper right corner and wait for the system to process. Once the system has processed:
  12. The system will show your registration status:
    Green=you are registered; Red=the section is closed; Yellow=you aren't able to register for this section.  Please check with your academic advisor for help.

Call 217/351-2482 or email for further assistance.