New Student Checklist

Once you receive your letter of acceptance to Parkland, follow these steps to request an accommodation:

1. Complete the Accessibility Services Intake Form and Submit Documentation

     Please complete the Accessibility Services Intake Form

2. Schedule evaluation appointment 

NOTE: Documentation of your disability must be received by our office at least one week prior to your scheduled appointment. Accessibility Services staff will be in touch to schedule your appointment or you can call our office at 217/353-2338 or email to schedule an appointment. During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to discuss your functional limitations and how they impact your learning.

3. Complete assessment testing in the Accessibility Services

New Parkland students may be required to take assessment/placement tests in reading, writing, mathematics, or English as a Second Language. Call our office at 217/353-2338 and visit the Assessment Center website for more information.

4. Complete Orientation 

Complete your new student orientation at Student Orientation. The contents of the orientation are designed to explain the registration process, important college policies, and provide an introduction to all aspects of college life.

5. Get your student ID

Once you have met with your advisor and have registered for your classes, stop by Student Life to obtain your Parkland ID.

6. Notify Accessibility Services to send instructors your accommodations

Accessibility Services will send out your accommodations after you inform our office at which instructors should get your information.

After Classes Begin:


You are strongly encouraged to contact instructors during their scheduled office hours, after class time, or via email to discuss approved accommodations. If concerns arise, do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss the matter.


Your approved academic accommodations are an integral part of your college success, and we want to make sure they are working for you. Remember: you’re in college now and we want you to take advantage of our services provided under the ADA!